Hi guys,

Like everybody on this planet probably you too have some sexual fantasies and hidden fetishes what you would like to see or feel. You just need a little help making it all come true. For years fans and friends and even strangers from another side of the world are asking me to help fultfilling their desires in a personal movie. I think its very cool and I did my best to manage all the requests no matter how unique they were. If you also have such a dream and I am sure you do write me what you would like to see and I will shoot it in the best possible quality. You will feel like you are there in the middle of the scene. I have access to most pornstars and models so whoever you wanna see you tell me and I look for her.

Send me a detailed mail and I answer you in 24 hours

Dont be shy no matter what your fetish is! It might be strange for you but not for others!I have completed requests and ideas that were pretty hard to make and all of my costomers werehappy with the result. In fact they like to come back for another one and another one. Once you start feeling the taste of a custom made video you get addicted to it! You can get your desired scene on a DVD or you can get a download link in any format you like. To make it even morepersonal we always include something extiting in the package we send like a used panty or stocking from you scene. This makes watching it even more enjoyable. And if you are ready for some more let me know I am happy to do another round for you ;) You can have a word on location, clother, camera movements and even spoken words... The more detailed script you give me the best I can manage your video!
Some send pages of scrip some just give me a basic guideline.
Think about your desires and let me know ;)

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